More motion/LUX based lighting - Bosch/Zooz/Eco Motion Sensors


Hello all,

So first off thank you to the community for assisting me in other posts! I wanted to share my pistons to hopefully help someone else who is trying to do complex lighting based on lux, location status and special event status. Since I have complex custom lighting solution I created in certain areas of the house I decided to leverage a "Normal- " piston so I only have to configure one piston when I want to change colors for all piston related events for those lights. Feedback is always welcomed too btw!

Lights - Kitchen v2 (Uses Bosch Sensor)

  • Motion Sensor 6 - Bosch Motion Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Contact Sensor 3 - Patio Door Sensor
  • Motion Sensor 1 - Living Room Zooz 4-n-1 with Lux Sensor
  • Dimmer 5/6 - Main standard Zooz Switch lamps above Kitchen Island and Kitchen Table
  • Motion Sensor 8 - Simulated Motion Detector for Bosch lack of inactivity notification
  • RGB Bulb 8/9 - Upper/Lower Cabinet LED Light Strips

Lights - Living Room v2 (Uses Zooz 4-n-1 Motion Detector)

  • Outlet 2 - WeMo Power meter to check if TV is really on
  • RGB Bulb 5 - Fireplace TP-Link Bulbs
  • RGB Bulb 6 - Living Room Lamp TP-Link Bulbs
  • White Bulbs 4 - Living room ceiling fan light
  • Motion Sensor 1 - Zooz 4-n-1 Motion Sensor

Lights - Dining Room v2

  • Motion Sensor 3 - EcoLink Motion Sensor
  • Motion Sensor 1 - Zooz 4-n-1 LUX from Living Room
  • Dimmer 2/3 - Standard Zooz switched lights


Thanks for the excellent code - i am using on my bathroom lights

can you help me with a couple of things ?

In your example ub0u you use the line do active() and do inactive(), i am assuming your setting the state of the program based on the room activity but i cant see where your referencing them.

Also it says if motion sensor is active for 250 seconds switch lights off - is this meaning that if your in the room for this amount of time your probally going to watch a movie therfore the lights should go off, or have i misunderstood what the code is trying to do?



I haven’t seen @Prayerfuldrop in over a year, but hopefully he gets your message.

Side Note:

I do not see that piston anywhere… Did you mean “ub0u”…?


Sorry Yes, I have amended now thanks