Motion Based Light EXCEPT when Manually turned On



which version are you using?


Sorry, I thought this what Webcore told me when I did a green snapshot (it changes every time). Here is what I have (ssrju):


No problem. Thanks for sending. I implemented and it works. However, the “wait” and “turn off” commands do not seem to reset as intended. It takes several minutes for the piston to reset so that the motion detector works again. Also, I get a flashing and alternating “?” and “!” next to “wait/turnoff” lines (see below) - the flashing “!/?” don’t ever go away…

I tried deleting and re-entering these steps, but same result. I think it has to do with publishing the piston or something, but not sure…I hadn’t done this on any other Webcore pistons Any ideas/suggestions?


OK, published the Webcore SmartApps in IDE and flashing icons are gone. But it takes more than 15 seconds for lights to go off and motion detector reset is still lagging. I need to keep tweaking this somehow.


Finally got it working consistently. The motion sensor is set for 3-minute intervals, so after I changed the 15 seconds to 3 minutes, all is working fine. Thanks for the advice/help.


Good deal! I never had it set for anything less than 5 minutes, so I never ran into those problems. Glad you got it working good!


@bangali , Thank you very much for your nc4jh piston. I am using it to turn on two lights in my living room area at the front door when my Ring doorbell senses motion after sunset. I have two versions of the piston running so that each light turns off at a different amount of time after the motion. I really want to use this to simulate a presence only when my wife and I are not at home. I am a noob and have searched all over and tried a few things myself, but I can’t figure out how to add the presence sensor component to this piston. I apologize if it’s out there somewhere in this forum or in the Smartthings forum that I haven’t seen or figured out.


Add a condition or restriction at the beginning so that it only runs in “Away” mode, or add your presence sensors to the condition: if x & y presence sensors are ‘not present’.


@J_B_1 Thanks. I’ll try the presence sensor approach. My phones were not showing up as presence sensors and realized I needed to go back into WC in the ST app and add the devices, since I didn’t have them setup as presence sensors when I first installed WC.


was traveling without access to my home setup hence the delay … sorry about that.

if what @J_B_1 recommended does not work please feel free to ping me.


OK I tried your piston and it’s a hit and miss…this is the piston I currently use and it works great except for when I turn it on manually it goes off in 5 minutes. All I want is a piston that when I turn on manually it stays on and when I turn it off manually it goes back to motion without having to flick switch on/off on again to activate motion again. Is this possible? :tired_face:


You willl have to have a DTH that recognizes manual switch interactions or use variable. Here is an example of mine with a variable. Although randomly I run into an issue that I believe is related to my motion detector…

Light Control – two questions (variable evaluates incorrectly; “switch physically”?

Hello, This example is what I am looking for. I see “To import this piston import code below edsh2”. I can’t seem to figure out how to do that, can somone help? Maybe send a link to the page I need to go to ? Thanks!


OK, I figured out how to import pistons based on the code given. I picked the devices from my system after importing. I am trying to keep a light on that does not have a physical switch, I turn it on or off with ST or Alexa. Can someone help me alter the code so that I can use either (or both preferably) to keep the motion sensor from turing off the light? Thanks!


I read through the other posts concerning this piston. I am finding that my situation may be different than the setup for the original. I Have a ST motion sensor working with a ST V3 Hub. The motion sensor controls a zwave switch which controlls the light. Again, my goal is to have some way to over ride the motion sensor timer when I turn the lights on with Alexa or the ST app. I suspect that the last part of the piston needs to be modified, but really don’t know where to start. Any help would be great, thanks!


Great information here. I have spent time reviewing. Piston example I am looking for is I have zwave dimmer light switch to control flood lights. The light will turn on by motion sensor or door sensor. Between 9:45PM and 5:00am I would like to add the option to have lights stay on if light switch is physically turned on. Then when light switch is physically turned off revert back to motion or door sensor that will trigger the zwave light switch. Is there a piston I can reference?


Hi there, would there be a way not to use the ST app at all. And just say that when the “lutron caseta” switch is press on do not consider the motion condition.

what’s the boolean programmatic ?



Maybe something simple like this:

IF Sensor's motion changes to active  <-- Trigger
    IF LutronCaseta is off            <-- Condition
        Turn on lights
    END IF


Maybe I got it wrong but it doesn’t work and state is false


The last IF should be outside any other IFs.