Motion Based Light EXCEPT when Manually turned On



which version are you using?


Sorry, I thought this what Webcore told me when I did a green snapshot (it changes every time). Here is what I have (ssrju):


No problem. Thanks for sending. I implemented and it works. However, the “wait” and “turn off” commands do not seem to reset as intended. It takes several minutes for the piston to reset so that the motion detector works again. Also, I get a flashing and alternating “?” and “!” next to “wait/turnoff” lines (see below) - the flashing “!/?” don’t ever go away…

I tried deleting and re-entering these steps, but same result. I think it has to do with publishing the piston or something, but not sure…I hadn’t done this on any other Webcore pistons Any ideas/suggestions?


OK, published the Webcore SmartApps in IDE and flashing icons are gone. But it takes more than 15 seconds for lights to go off and motion detector reset is still lagging. I need to keep tweaking this somehow.


Finally got it working consistently. The motion sensor is set for 3-minute intervals, so after I changed the 15 seconds to 3 minutes, all is working fine. Thanks for the advice/help.


Good deal! I never had it set for anything less than 5 minutes, so I never ran into those problems. Glad you got it working good!