Motion Detector Stuck ON


I have been using these Z-Wave motion detectors in various rooms to turn on lights, (and turn off) for a few months. Occasionally they will stick on “Motion”, which will keep the lights on in the room they are in. I have a piston that will turn on lights in the basement, garage, etc. if a door opens, or motion is sensed. There is nothing in the garage that will continue to trigger the sensor between midnight and 7 AM, but looking at the history of the sensor, it stays locked on “motion”, thus keeping the lights on.

I’m using NEO Z-Wave Plus Motion Sensor Z Wave Detector.

Has anyone had a similar issue with these or others?

Any thoughts on how to force the sensor to “reboot”, or “reset” so it stops being stuck on “motion”. If I walk in front of the stuck sensor after it was stuck all night, it will return to “no motion” after the preset amount of time.


Does it have a ‘refresh’ command available, that’s about the only thing I can think other than putting a hard timer on the light to a maximum amount of time it can be on.


Nope. Other than getting a ladder and pulling the battery. I was going to create a piston that would not allow more than a few minutes after midnight because no one will usually be in the garage long at that time of day, but day time is a challenge. The reason they stay on is because of another piston that will keep them on if it senses motion in a five minute window. (someone working in the garage). I’m wondering if there are better motion detectors…