My iPhone is not showing up as a device in webCoRE


I’m trying to create a piston that uses my iPhone for presence. It shows up in IDE and is online. When I go to webCoRE on my Smartthings app, it’s not there as a sensor. Any ideas on how I can resolve this? Thanks!


Did you add your phone to webcore as an available device in the webcore settings?


That’s what I’m trying to do but it doesn’t show up to select.


Did you try “Clean up and rebuild data cache” (in the webcore app) ?
And have you checked all three “Capability groups” in the webcore app?


Yes, look in capability group 2 > which presence sensors


Thanks @jkp! That’s what I needed… found it there.


@jkp… something is amiss. I have my iPhone in webCoRE, but the piston doesn’t recognize presence. I have the placeholder in IDE and Smartthings set to use my phone for location.


There have been many users reporting that presence stopped working after their iPhone updated to iOS 15. If you updated and have been seeing this issue since then you are probably in the same boat. There was mention (by one user) that ST was going to patch it with an upcoming app update but no timeline for a release date.


Thanks @jkp.