Need help removing SmartThings location from my


Hi Webcore support,

I have moved from SmartThings to Hubitat and still have ghost pistons from SmartThings running in your cloud. Can you help me remove SmartThings integration?

I have already uninstalled Webcore from SmartThings and even deleted that SmartThings location from my account. I now only have Hubitat hub.

Help me please!


You should only need to log out of the webCoRE dashboard, then back in using your HE credentials.

Failing that, a hard refresh whilst logged out may help (hold Ctrl whilst clicking the browser refresh button).

Note that pistons do not run in the webCoRE cloud, the dashboard is just there to edit pistons that run in the ST cloud. If you deleted webCoRE from ST, your pistons are gone and will not run.