Need Help with a door check status piston


My children have had to move back home and lately when my wife gets up to leave for work in the morning our main door is unlocked. She has gotten to the point that now she is yelling at me about it. So would I am am Attempting is to make a piston that will check the status of our 2 Door Locks.

We arm our house alarm every night at 9:30pm and it stays armed until 6am when my wife leaves for work. What I would like the piston to do is between the hours of 9:30pm to 6am check the status of both locks and if any or all are unlocked for more then 10 minutes play an announcement on our den speaker system until the locks are locked but keep checking the status until 6am and play announcements if they are unlocked for like i said more then 10 minutes at a time until locked.

My attempts can only make the piston start but even after I lock the door the announcement still plays for like 2 more times and then it never repeats a check.

Thx for any help in advance.


I am NOT an webcore expert (and I don’t have a speaker device, so you will need to change the push notification part to what you want), but here is what I would suggest…again, I have NOT tested this. :slight_smile:


thx for the help


welcome to the Smart Homes Club:)))))))


joke a side,
try using a timer…