Netflix/Prime video as condition/trigger


1) Give a description of the problem
I want that when TV launches Netflix/Prime Video/Rakuten, then do

3) What is happening/not happening?
Very first Piston, dunno how to achieve it. Tried with tvChannelName and tvChannel to no avail

Thanks in advanced


I figured it out. Using tvChannelName and the app’s ID, RN1MCdNq8t.Netflix for Netflix


Can you share your piston? Sounds an interesting possibility.


Sure. Do you know how to get the current tvChannelName of the TV?


I assume the piston is being called via an api call from the TV? I was hoping it was something built into netflix. I don’t think my TV has any ability to do anything like that.

I use Plex media server and call a piston from there when a film/programme starts playing. It currently reads out the title on the sonos as the programme starts.


My tv has built in apps and when I open those apps with the remote, tvChannelName updates. I’m on my way to know when it’s playing now :slight_smile:


Out of interest, which TV is is? How do you get it to call out to the webcore piston?


Qled Q8DN. I’m not sure I’m understanding you but this particular piston triggers when tvChannelName updates.

Do you know how to set a trigger every 5 seconds?


That’s a Samsung? I guess its appearing as a smart device in smart things. I’m afraid I’m not familiar with it, I have an LG which is not seem by smart things.

What do you want to trigger every 5 seconds? I assume any change to supported attributes on the TV would trigger as soon as they’re changed.


Yep, my tv shows up as a smart device in Smartthings.

I was hoping to force a 5 seconds update since it can take quite a long time to update…

I dunno how to set the every 5 seconds even though I’ve seen a few threads :S


within webcore you can use the every command to run something periodically. However, I wouldn’t recommend running something every 5 seconds as it will use too many resources (network & cloud)

Also, if you are checking the channel every 5 secs, I don’t think it would return a change sooner than the event happening.


By the way, what happens when piston reaches 100% memory usage? does it stop working? when does memory usage empty again? any docs? thanks!

For what I see, it’s prefferable to make 3 pistons rather than group them in just one given this memory usage limitation, am I right?