Network Instability Variable?


I’m currently having problems with my internet/wifi network. Hub and other wifi connected devices drop on and off every 2-3 hours. That’s another issue… The problem I have is that I have pistons that I don’t want stuck running halfway through execution if there’s been recent connectivity issues. Example: my self-watering indoor plant could make a mess if my hub drops off before it has a chance to close the water valve at the end of execution.

I’d like to create a variable that looks at hub connectivity status. Something like “if hub status was disconnected in the last 12 hours, set variable ‘network reliability’ to false.” That way, the hub’s status would need to have had a consistent connection to the network for at least 12 hours for the piston to run.

Not foolproof, but it would catch probably 90% of the risk. However, I don’t see any sort of restriction that might fit the bill. Any ideas?


I would probably start here.


No offense, :slight_smile:, this is why I do not run these sorts of things without redundancy x 2 or 3. Global AND local networks fail all of the time. Unfortunately, it is the nature of IOT. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. :slight_smile:


Yup working on it.


Yeah, I’m thinking I’ll change some of these to a voice alert with a voice-activated trigger instead of full automation. That being said, what redundancies are you referring to?


Points taken. But still, any ideas for a variable that could look at connection status?


Obviously, there are webcore pistons that you can use as backup/self-check options. @WCmore can probably gift you with several. But if wifi goes down, the problem persists. There are smart plugs that will turn off if wifi is lost and/or will not turn back on if power is lost. However, they can be a nuisance at times. But it’s better than a flood. And you can always use webcore or automations within ST to notify you if such events occur.