New install: error retrieving the piston data


I followed the instructions for installing on my Raspberry Pi. The WebCoRE dash board launches fine but I cannot create any pistons.

Cast iron shows: v0.3.104.20180323.
Hubitat is at

When I try to create a piston, it asks for the author and piston name. I type both in and hit create. I am then greeted with an error stating: "Sorry, an error occurred while retrieving the piston data. "

The only option that I have when I get this error is to hit “Go Home” which takes me back to the dashboard. I then see the new piston name in light grey under “Paused Pistons”. If I click on it I get the same error as above. The Hubitat Apps page shows both pistons under my main WebCoRE app. I can’t edit them though.
I get the same if I try to import using a backup code or any other method.

Any ideas?