New Install, getting error "Sorry, an error occurred while retrieving the piston data


This is a new install. When I try to create a new piston, (the first one) I get the error “Sorry, an error occurred while retrieving the piston data.” I have removed and reinstalled Webcore. I’m using the Hubitat Package Manager. The onle error in the Hubitat Logs is: " 2021-06-23 04:25:56.030 pm errorPlease install the webCoRE Piston app" II don’t see the option to do this.



Do you have the Hubitat Package Manager app installed? It’ll probably make installs easier for you.


You can check by showing screen shots of:

HE console -> Apps Code

Scroll down to the webcore portion and show a screen shot of all those lines.

Mine looks like this:


Yes. Great app.


Ah, it looks like I have two copies of each??? I’m thinking uninstall all, reboot hub, re-install all?


Ended up doing a restore of Hubitat to the day before I installed Webcore, then re-installed it. Now all is working ::slight_smile: This looks nice. Lots to learn.