New Rule API engine



Hey guys, like most of you, I have received an email from ST regarding the new Rules API, I have not had a chance to look at this in much detail, however have any of you managed to do so yet? Did you get it working, did you get all your pistons converted over, I am guessing the Rules API doesn’t cover everything yet, it would be good to hear what you all think about it and whether you think it is possible to get most of your automations covered in this new engine?


I’ve taken a cursory look at the available rules on more than one occasion. I could see the conditional and the sleep, but what I couldn’t immediately see was any indication of equivalents of webCoRE’s TCP or TSP. That ability to replace or cancel sleeps can be quite fundamental to even the simplest of automations. So it hasn’t encouraged me to look deeper so far.

I don’t actually have a lot of pistons, but those I do have make disproportionate use of simulated motion and presence, so I suspect I will need custom capabilities to be firmly established before I will be able to do anything (or official capabilities to be created for simulated devices).