New SmartThings hub?



Am I overlooking something or it he features are not so exciting?

Real question is, will it work on WiFi? Lol


Will it blend?


The touch screen sounded kind of exciting (first-party ActionTiles-style control, maybe?) until I looked at the diagram and saw how tiny it was–to say nothing of the fact that my hub isn’t in an area where getting to a touch screen would be convenient. If this could connect via Wi-Fi, that problem could be avoided, but then it’s not clear to me from the article whether this is just an ST hub or also a Samsung Connect-esque WiFi router that would require an Ethernet connection (looks more like the former). Voice control als sounds exciting, though Alexa can do most of what I want (except inquire about the status of devices) and undoubtedly has a much better microphone, so I using the Samsung device would probably be an exercise in frustration unless you’re right next to it.

Finally, as others have noted, the user manual has a copyright date of 2015. It’s entirely possible this is just a model Samsung toyed with but shelved or even cancelled and released the Samsung Connect routers/hubs instead. Nothing on this hub looks like it would be worth upgrading to me (I’m not even sure why I went to v2 aside from the fact that we were promised more local execution and we guessed that we might get Bluetooth capability at some point–not sure if the first has really happened and the second obviously hasn’t). They’d also definitely need a migration tool this time because I’m not re-paring a couple dozen devices now (I didn’t have as many then). :slight_smile:


You’re onto something!


It’s a pity that Samsung and Smartthings couldn’t bring out the Extend USB dongle.
I won’t be upgrading anytime soon. And it’s still full price here in the UK :frowning:


Would completely agree here! The PDF manual was created in 2015 so unless they are that far behind I would say this is not a current development.


Even the little device does it actually helps with smart home automation so you have a lot of smart home products it will automate a lot of functionality for you.