New ST app - set SHM mode


Hi all

I’m trying to decide if i am going to adopt the new app full time. I’ve recently bought a V3 hub as my V2 hub popped and am going through the painful process of setting things up again.

I have installed the SHM in the new app and restored pistons which switch its mode, i.e. i tell echo I’m going out and the next time i open and then shut the front door Webcore arms the house.

This has all stopped working and i can only assume that Webcore can’t manage the SHM in the new app. Is this right? If so, are there any work arounda you can think of?




You are correct. WebCoRE only fully controls Smart Home Monitor (SHM) in the Classic app and not SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM) in the new app. Also, remember that they are completely separate apps and if you have both installed and operational that you may need to clear/dismiss any alerts in both.


Are there any plans to add support for the new SmartThings Home Monitor?


Possible. Watch for any announcements regarding webCoRE at the upcoming SDC 2019 on Oct 29th.


Interesting. Thanks.


Still no STHM control for webcore?


No but you can now use Automations within the app that can manage STHM


Hi, I’ve tried to set up a virtual switch to trigger the SHM in connect app, but the state is on/off, so I created three virtual switches for each state. The automations do trigger the SHM in the new connect app… but it’s a bit clumsy.

Has anyone written their own SMH in WebCoRE, perhaps using Global Vars as the SMH state?


I just saw the “get ready to make the switch” new app migration topic ST forum. Anyone have updated recommendations on moving from classic SHM to new STHM? I currently have all the logic in webcore referencing or setting SHM home/stay/away via webcore.


Are you setting location modes (Home, away, night and any other custom mode you may have created) or setting SHM state in Classic (armed/away, armed/stay and away)?

Location modes can be managed by webcore in the new app. STHM State in the new app can not be managed by webCoRE.

For myself, I am using Automations in the new app to manage STHM based on presence and location modes. And using webcore to manage location modes.


Apologies for resurrecting an old Thread, but I’ve just done the migration from classic to the new app, and I only just realised my Webcore routine - which disarms my shed alarm when I open the backdoor of the house, and then rearms it 10 minutes after closing the back door, wasn’t working anymore.

Thanks to the suggestions above I was able to piece together a slightly more useful solution, than just relying on Location, which proved to be awkward for my system, so I thought I’d share my solution for anybody else having the issue. (I don’ think its anything groundbreaking, but its good to know this is now much simpler to handle)

I created a virtual Device, and then used webcore to trigger changes in that switch. I then used Automations in the new app to trigger STHM changes based upon changes to that switch. It made things a lot simpler to deal with.