New TWC Weather



Never used the previous weather underground expressions and even more intimidated by the weather Channel expressions. How can I format something simple such as if the next days weather forecast includes rain then…


Update: I’ve used something I found in the wiki but still unable to format it correctly as it gives me the message about not subscribing to any events.


The $twcweather data cannot automatically trigger a piston. You have to actually query it to see what it is for your location. So, for example, you can query every hour, and then the following line can check to see if it is ‘12’ before doing stuff.


@WCmore you’re always such a big help thanks! How would I do something like that? Use a timer? If so how would I implement it? Another question I can’t figure out is how do set it up so it checks for weather the next day? I read this but it just confused me more than anything. Thanks again.


I am about to head out the door, but basically:

[0] is Today
[1] is Tonight
[2] is tomorrow day
[3] is tomorrow night

The tricky part is the shifting times as mentioned in the wiki you quoted.


@WCmore when does the time shift? It mentions 3 pm and am but don’t know how to interpret that? So at 3 pm it switches to the next day’s forecast? So if I run the action at 2 pm on Monday for next day it’ll give me Tuesdays forecast but if I do it at 3:30 pm on Monday for next day it’ll give me Wednesday’s forecast?


Twice a day sometime between 3:00 and 3:30. (both AM and PM)

For daytime data:
From about 3:30AM Mon until 3:00AM Tue , you will find [2] to represent Tuesday day
From about 3:30AM Tue until 3:00PM Tue, you will find [0] to represent Tuesday day
At about 3:00PM on Tue, then the daytime data for Tuesday vanishes.

We can blame The Weather Channel for their convoluted API.