New user and I can't find where to find the registration code


I know this is in the wrong forum but I can’t find an appropriate one. Sorry

I am a new smart things user (have used Vera and HomeSeer) and am excited about using WebCoRE. I’ve installed it using the API site, have installed it via the app and it tells me to go to the Automations Tab and I have no idea where to look. My app (installed yesterday on my iPhone) doesn’t have an automation tab.



It is referring to:

  • Opening the SmartThings Classic app on your phone
  • Click on the Automation tab, then
  • Click on the SmartApps tab
  • Select your webCoRE from the list
  • Register a browser

The code found here can be entered in any of your browsers from the Dashboard./ Register Instance. (there is a three minute timeout before it expires)


OK. downloaded the Classic app. I go to the right place and now I see three versions of the app because I thought I screwed up the install so I did it three times so I have three copies. I reinstalled it and have a new name I am using.

  1. how can I delete the old installed copies?
  2. do I really care?