Newbi to webcore help with first piston


Hi all I’ve been thumbing this forum for a while trying to get my head around webcore🤔
Now my smart homes getting bigger and more complicated by the month,i am trying to control everything under 1 app if that’s possible but at the moment I’m jumping through multiple apps to control things.
I have lights,sockets, switches,voice assistants,buttons,sensors and doorbells.
So if these all could be controlled via smarthings or webcore that would be perfect.
So can anyone advise on a few easy pistons to try to so I can get used to writing code and understanding webcore a bit more than I do.

Cheers Kev


Controlling all home automation devices with one app is the Holy Grail. Unfortunately, you will find that some home automation devices cannot be controlled by SmartThings, webcore, or either. Some have proprietary apps that do not interface or it requires a hack to do so. With that said, many other devices are easily controlled by ST/webcore. When I purchase a new “home automation” device, I check to make sure that it can be integrated with SmartThings because that is the hub that I use. Generally, if it can be controlled by ST, then it can be controlled by webcore. Your best source for examples of webcore code would be Just because a device is WiFi, zigbee, or z-wave does not mean that it will interface with webcore. I am sure the opinions with vary here…


I agree with @Pantheon. I make sure all of my devices work well with SmartThings before buying. As far as I know, anything that can be controlled by SmartThings can be controlled by webCoRE.


Thanks for your replies,as far as I know most of my gear is already linked to my smarthings hub.
The only ones that are not are my son off switches and my video doorbell.
I will have a look at the example part of the forum.
Many thanks Kev