Newbie need help with TV tasks


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I’m a newbie in this pistons thing. I only have a Qled bound to my ST account. When adding a new task I find a scroll down meny with a number of options, most of which are fairly evident but others are not. Is there any documentation to know how to properly use everything?

Thanks in advanced


The quick answer:

That drop down lists common commands… but keep in mind that this list is designed to work with many different devices. (IE: they won’t all work on your Qled)

My strategy:

Whenever I get a new device, I usually spend an hour or so with a brand new piston. (using NO triggers) I simply create a one line piston, and experiment with one task/command at a time (by pressing ‘Test’). I take note which ones works on that device, and which ones do not… (then edit piston & change that one line to learn about the next command)

This is (somewhat) to be expected, since ST is trying to connect with hundreds of companies… (and they don’t all program the same way)


That’s what I was doing. I was hoping some faster way to get results.

There are some commands that require to add extra fields in order to work, for example with the Picture profile command. If you do not know what that commands does, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to figure out whether something needs to be added in parameters and if so, what should be added.

that’s discouraging… HA features way more integrations and there’s decent documentation for almost everything…

Thanks for your help!