Notepad++ XML Language for webCoRE colored syntax


The past month or so, I have been saving code “snippets” in a text editor to make creating future pistons easier… The only bummer is, boring black text on white background. I would really benefit from having colored syntax.

This capability is already in the free text editor, Notepad++…

I was wondering if anyone has taken the time to make a XML Language for Notepad++ to make viewing webCoRE code with user friendly color syntax highlighting? I am currently improvising by viewing my code with either Assembly, C++, Javascript, JSON, LUA, PostScript, Python, Ruby or SQL as a language, and while they do work partially, they all fall short on perfect syntax highlighting, as seen below…

(This pic is showing pure text in Notepad++ using the SQL Language syntax highlighting)

Has anyone made any improvement tweaks to at least get me started in the right direction?