Nothing to see, move along :)


да, товарищ, спасибо.

Oh, wrong languge :wink:


In .no you can’t play National lottery in nights.




Congratulations, from across the pond!


Yippeeee! Welcome to our madness @ady624 :grin::grin:
A whirlwind of applause… oh wait!!!.. that wasn’t to be taken literally!:joy::grin::grin:


@ady624 you can change the title of the thread all you want, the people will still speak up to congratulate you! :grin:
Love it!


Congratulations on becoming a us citizen!!




Congrats my new brother. The political and social debate on this issue is very gray and sometimes toxic, confuses many different topics, emotions and logics, but many of us are the sons of immigrants. Note my last name ;). Actually, my family, decedents of France, Spain and Germany have been here many generations, since the founding of Louisiana. My wife, however, who bears an Italian maiden name, is hispanic LOL. My kids are the pictured in dictionary under “mutt”.


Congratulations. At least you joined the correct way.


Congratulations Welcome to the home of the free and the land of the BRAVE!


Way to resurrect a thread man. 2 years. That’s almost as old as the forum


LOL made you look :grinning:


2015… After 17 years my wife and i we’ve become citizens… congrats to you, to us and all others… now it’s time to become webcore citizens:)))