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Can we all send a congratulations to @ady624!

:beer::beer:The chap deserves it! :beer::beer:

:us::us:US Citizen Adrian!:us::us:



Congratulations @ady624 :us::us::us::us:

Now get back to work on webCoRE stuff :joy::rofl::joy:


@ady624 :tada: CELEBRATE :tada:
Do the minion shuffle! Lol


Well done dude
Congratulations from the UK


Congrats! @ady624.


Thank you guys


I present you Captain Adymerica




@Kebel871 You’re trying a bit too hard dude. :wink:


You noticed too? :wink: I guess that’s what happen when you’ve been on Facebook for 10 years and never posted shit because… well, what’s the point? Then you downpour everything in here! :upside_down_face:

I can lay low tho if needed :slight_smile:





Expecting @ady624 smart home rental in near feature.
Rent a β€œsmart home” in Florida, we got the best ones :slight_smile:


Congrats @ady624 - by passing your tests you have the proof you know more about US History than most college graduates :slight_smile:

Seriously though - CONGRATS!


Congratulations, and welcome to the national family.:tada::boom::grinning:


Congrats on never having to deal with USCIS ever again!!! It’s a wonderful feeling.


@ady624 - Congratulations! I just had someone on my team get their citizenship and another one coming in a couple months. We are privileged to have you as a citizen of our country.


Thank you guys :smiley:

Trying to update my social security status to a citizen, just found out that is perhaps the only website in the world with a schedule?!

Never seen that before… :smiley: And the best part, at this time, I need to wait 55 minutes for the Sunday schedule to start, but if I need IMMEDIATE assistance, I can call Monday (tomorrow) morning at 7am. LOL



Working for government myself as lead of strategic advisory team to CIO, I might know what the well they were thinking there.

Do you need to be authenticated or it’s an open service? Also, is there any text box to fill?

I’ve heard managers from some departments in the past argue to close their online services at night because they were overloaded with obscenity and ridiculous demands.

Of course,We made them improve their services instead of closing them at night lol.


I am pretty sure the logins are monitored and there is no one there at night to do so - so they closed them - I can confirm that most hacking attempts are timed and happen during non-working hours - so I think that’s their reasoning - but nontheless, that is the only website with a schedule I am aware of :smiley:


Welcome, citizen lol :slight_smile:


Hmmm … don’t we have a Citizen badge? You’d figure with all the badges available on this site, that one would be top priority for the Boss :smile:

Congrats comrade … oh, wrong country, NV …