Notification if IP address changes


1) Give a description of the problem
I am trying to create a piston that will notify me if WAN/external IP address changes. I have a home server that I connect to remotely and I don’t want to pay a monthly fee for a dynamic dns service.

2) What is the expected behavior?
When my external IP address changes the piston will send a PUSH notification to my phone.

3) What is happening/not happening?
Nothing, I’m not sure where to begin here.

**4) Post a Green Snapshot of the piston![image|45x37]

5) Attach any logs (From ST IDE and by turning logging level to Full)


I use and don’t remember paying for any monthly fee.

Depending on the modem/router you use, it might have support for updating your current ip with the dynu service. I use Centurylink and the Zyxel modem has dynamic dns support.


The only ones my router supports cost money and I don’t have a computer that I want to leave running that is capable of runnig DNYU, but I appreciate the suggestion.


If you got some coding skills maybe you can put together something to use API.

There are a bunch of example calls lower in the page.


And just because I was curious to see if there was a way to do this… some smart folks have already done the hard work.
This script is for an rpi that can email you if the IP changes.
If your server is windows based, this one is it.

Since both of them send emails when the IP changes, you can now get ifttt and webcore in the mix :slight_smile:


I tried to do a web request to various sites. The problem I am encountering is… woes webcore have a different ip result than what my actual ip is?

When I run from a web browse I get my correct ip, however if I run through webcore it bounces locations and returns an Amazon domain?

Just confused


I believe you’re getting the ST IP address because the webcall is coming from the hub.


Web requests to external IP address will originate from the ST server. Only local requests would originate from the HUB.


Sorry for the delayed post, but for those who find this thread later, I just created a piston to make a query to my router to determine my External IP. (No Windows or Raspberry Pi required)

Each router is different though, so it will take a bit of customization to work in your environment.