Notification to only one device of two devices


I am transitioning from Smarthings&Webcore to HE and Webcore. I have a number of routines/pistons that depending on the parameters, alert my wife and I, or just one of us. Before I would send notifications (which I would only receive) and send SMS to my wife so I could easily segregate who received an alert.

I am able to send notification to each individually within HE. But in webcore if If I make the two device available for notification is the webcore setting, no matter which device is selected in my piston both devices receive notifications. I may be doing something wrong.

I could likely put the alert details in a gobal variable, and when the variable changes a trigger in HE could send to the proper device, but would be a pain.


Can you show the piston here or in a private message?


I has given the suggestion and it works to select the device (vice location or other) and then then for task select Device notification.