On Hubitat my GE 34193 motion sensor physical devices only have a $status attribute


I’m using a “Generic z-wave motion sensor” because they don’t have a 34193 driver. Not sure where to head from here. Suggestions? Seems like any motion sensor would have a “motion” value available.


Would need to see the device states. (HE console -> devices -> select the device and post a screen shot)

I assume you are using the current webcore version on HE?


I updated the devices both webcore and HE and I now see Motion and Battery. It may be that I had to hit “configure” in HE. Or perhaps I needed to refresh the devices in WebCore?

When devices are added to WebCore do changes to their configuration (driver) in HE automatically get propagated through to WebCore?


It the device handler changes its capabilities, you will want to go into webcore and hit done (or start a new dashboard session in a new window). This is how new capabilities would get loaded into the webcore IDE.