Open Weather Map Setup


I’m trying to setup Open Weather Map, but I am clearly doing something wrong.

I have my key and can successfully query the open weather map api…


I have entered the key into webcore on Hubitat…


I have the 3.0 API


I wrote this tiny piston just to see if I am getting data and nothing is coming across.

Yes, I know that there are no triggers. I’m just running it using test.

Here are the logs…



So, what stupid step have I missed?


Seeing this…


I’m not sure you want the , in the latitude

Also, you may want different units (metric, or imperial)?


Thanks for your reply and offer to help.

I’ve now come across this problem twice–once on my retiring C7 and again on my new C8.

Correct. I caught that but it still did not address the issue.

These are the steps that I took in case anyone is having the same issue.

  1. Ensure that you have a “paid” subscription on open weather map.
  2. Ensure that your latitude, longitude, API type, and key are entered correctly in the WebCore settings on Hubitat>Apps>Webcore>Settings
  3. In the Hubitat UI, Go to Apps> WebCore>WebCore Storage
  4. Click “Dump weather structure”
  5. If the result is showing results (lat, long, name…), the remaining steps will not fix your issue. It is likely something with your piston.
  6. If the result doesn’t have actual weather results, delete the “WebCore Storage” App.
  7. Once the App is deleted, reboot your hub–the WebCore Storage App will reappear and when you follow steps, 3-5 above, you will have results.