Override auto dim level if set manually


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I have a Piston that will turn on the loft lights IF there is motion detected AND the luminance is less than 36. Works great, but what I would like to have happen is for it to NOT do that if I manually set the level.
The use case is when I am watching tv, I want the level lower than when I am working. When i manually lower the level, when the motion is detected, the piston does what its design says to do and raises back.
webCoRE doesnt know about the Sony TV, so I am looking to override with a manual level setting.

**4) Post a Green Snapshot of the piston![image|45x37]


First thought it set a variable auto to true when the piston sets the level automatically. Use this as an additional condition for the piston. Set it back to false when the piston turns off the light.


That could work! I’ll have to figure out how to reset the variable as the piston never turns off the light. I suppose I could reset it time based.


Ah, sorry, never assume lol. I thought it was set up to turn off the light also. But yes, you can probably build on that. If something doesn’t work post the green snapshot here and there’s a good chance someone would give you input


I have solved this with a simple IF statement - IF the current level of the dimmer is not the same as the default level, don’t change the level.