Pet Presence with Whistle 3


I’m interested in using my dog’s Whistle 3 to indicate presence to ST. It appears they have an undocumented API. Someone here has been able to query it using php:

Assume this is some sort of REST API. Is this something I could directly setup with WebCoRE, or would I need to run a script on a Pi at an interval and then update WebCoRE with a WebHook?

Any thoughts? Anyone else using Whistle?


I have no experience with Whistle3, but I would probably write something in python on my rp3, have it execute every X minutes, and that script could make a URL call to the piston with whatever $args to update it.
Might have to be considerate of how many API calls you make though, they could be limited.


I know this is an older thread but I just put something similar together and it works pretty well. Whistle sends an e-mail, usually within about 30 seconds of the dog arriving or leaving home. I tag in G-Mail with either an away or home tag based on the title of the e-mail. From there I have an IFTTT trigger that triggers based on that tag and calls a webhook to either announce the dog as home or away.

It’s not the best way but it works. I only see about a 45 to 60 second delay from the time she runs to the time Alexa makes the announcement.