Piston acting up


I’ve had this piston running for years and for whatever reason, starting today, it doesn’t want to work right. I’ve attached a copy of the piston, as well as the log. Earlier today it was set so that when the shade “closed” and the window was open, it would re-open the shade and then speak. I changed it a bit just now thinking for some reason the logic is no longer working. What am I missing here?


The log shows the Bedroom Window was closed, so no commands were executed…

Just to clarify…

Was the piston above edited (changed) before or after 7:24 PM?


I edited it at around 7:24.


It is crucial that the log and the piston match exactly. I have gotten into the habit of clearing my logs anytime I make any edits. (since the old log cannot be relied upon at that point)


Now it’s working, out of no where. I am also getting a bunch of the voice notifications (built into the piston), so something must have backed up somewhere.


Doesn’t “Speak” use Echo Speaks?




SmartThings has disabled Echo Speaks (although they’ve unblocked it temporarily apparently).


Working for me.


As noted in the post I linked, they re-enabled it temporarily. It’s working for me ATM, too.


Hopefully the lite version will be ready soon.


If all you need from Echo Speaks is to “Speak” a custom phrase, then this is what I’ve replaced it with:

(but your piston in the original post doesn’t even need voicemonkey, since you are speaking a fixed phrase. in that case you just need an Alexa routine triggered by a virtual switch)