Piston doesn't react to IF condition


1) Give a description of the problem
This piston should fire when a moisture detector’s status changes to wet. ST successfully sees a sensor has detected water but the piston never fires. I have edited and saved it multiple times but it doesn’t work. It did work previously.

2) What is the expected behaviour?
The piston runs when a moisture detector detects water.

3) What is happening/not happening?
The piston never runs and the log is never populated.

**4) Post a Green Snapshot of the piston![image|45x37

5) Attach logs after turning logging level to Full
Logging is set to full but the log is never populated as the piston fails to fire.


It should populate when you save your piston after an edit, or otherwise pause and start it. Even if it doesn’t do anything else.


I paused it and restarted it and things seem to be working again. Thanks.