Piston repeating every week


1) Give a description of the problem
I want a piston that will activate some LEDs every Tuesday from noon to midnight. They piston works during testing (LEDs activate) but haven’t ran since I first set it up.

2) What is the expected behavior?
Piston should repeat during prescribed time.

3) What is happening/not happening?
Piston works during testing but either does not repeat or does not activate during the scheduled time.

**4) Post a Green Snapshot of the piston!

**5) Attach any logs


Your only trigger (lightning bolt in the left margin) is based on location, so your piston will only fire when the Location mode changes on Tuesdays during those times.

It sounds like a better trigger would be at noon on Tuesdays. Something like this:



You can also do:



I can see how to write “Time is between noon and midnight,” but I don’t see how to add “but only on Tuesdays.” Where can I find that?

Thank you both for your suggestions.

I found a less elegant way that appears to make it work now, I set an additional variable:
“$dayofWeek is inside range of 2 and 2”

(I also removed the Location trigger as it was redundant once I added D&T as a trigger.)

Is there a better/smoother way of doing this? Right now it executes every day but the LEDs only light up on Tuesday.
I’m still new so even learning multiple ways of doing the same thing is very helpful for me at this stage!


Just to clarify, this is not a trigger, it is a condition. (there’s a huge difference between the two) Triggers will have lightningbolts or some other symbol in the margin.

For a visual reference:

  • Conditions are vague (lasting a duration)
  • Triggers are precise moments in time (only true for a split second)

$dayofWeek is inside range of 2 and 2
This can also be written as:
$dayofWeek is equal to 2


The restrictions below “Time is between noon and midnight” … high-lighted in red … or is that orange … green? LOL … yeah, I’m red-green color blind …


This is all I see when I add that variable, I’m not seeing any options for a restriction like that.

WCmore, thank you for the clarification!

EDIT: I found out what I was doing wrong, I had the trigger set to “Date and Time,” once I changed it to “Time” those restrictions appeared.

I think you guys resolved this for me, thank you!