Piston will not send push notification


This piston will not send a push notification or a text if I change it to that
Im not sure if its a Webcore problem or a Hubitat problem.
I can go into devices and then the phone and I can send a text. That works ok


On your push notification, there’s an option “and store in messages”. You need to set this to enable the notification to be sent to your phone.

As for text messages, these only work in some countries and have limits on how many you can send.


Still a no go
Not sure if it makes a difference but I have two hubs same account different addresses


Assume you’ve installed the hubitat app on your phone and signed in? I’m not sure how it would work with 2 hubs, but would expect it to show notifications from both.

Check you can see your phone in hubitat devices. Mine shows the last notification sent to it and its presence.
Also go in to the WC settings in HE, and ensure you selected the phone under “Notification devices for push messages”


I didn’t have my cell phone selected in WebCore Settings.
That didn’t solve the problem though
I don’t see where in devices/my cell phone where it shows the notifications sent
There is a button where I can type in something and click the button Im thinking that is supposed to send a notification to my phone and it does not


I removed my cell phone under devices and uninstalled the app on my phone. Put everything back
Now it works
Thanks for the help


OK I have 2 locations for hubs lets say A and B
I use location B to send a get request to A that sends a push notification as well as turns a couple devices on.
So on my cell if Im logged onto location B I dont get the push notification. I had to create a piston that sends a push notification as well.
This way does not matter what location Im logged onto I still get the push notification and the piston at location A still turns on the devices.
Question is this the only way to do it
Is there no way to get the notification regardless of what hub your logged into


This may be useful


hey thats good info