Presence sensor is stuck - thinks I'm always home. Help!


My presence sensor is stuck and thinks I’m always at my house. I am hundreds of miles away, and have been for a couple weeks, and it still thinks I’m home. My wife’s sensor is working correctly. Both are keyed off of the SmartThings apps on our phones.

Anyone had this issue and have a suggestion for rectifying it?


SmartThings Classic app or SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app? iPhone or Android? If the Classic app, you can try by clicking on the presence sensor and click on the cog in the upper right of the screen and then click Save to see if it updates your location. Option two is consider adding Life 360 as it may provide better location detection.


For me personally life 360 works great from the life 360 app. However with SmartThings integration it is absolutely horrible. It keeps getting stuck and is severely delayed if it does work.

Just my 2 cents


No luck on the classic app (I didn’t realize there were two apps?). I’ll try Life360 however I really dislike that app’s battery draining-ness.



… and I never left.


I would avoid the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app at this point. The presence sensor happens to just turn itself off from time to time.

Your next option to try is remove and reinstall the presence sensor in the Classic app.

There is also the option of using the webcore presence sensor :slight_smile: