Problems with Toggle Command on ST Button


1) Give a description of the problem
I have 2 bedside lamps with zigbee bulbs that work off a Smarthings Button.

2) What is the expected behavior?
Single Press - toggles on and off on both lights to 30%.
Double Press - Turns on bedside lights to 100%.
Hold button - Turns off bedside lights and other upstairs lights.

3) What is happening/not happening?
All works fine except 1 in every 5 times the single press brings on only one light. Pressing it again turns that light off but the other one on. To turn them both to the same setting I hold or double press. This isn’t ideal. I have a few other lights where they all dont turn on so in webcore I resend the command with 2 sec delay but if I do that with TOGGLE then it just toggles again.


**5) No logs.

Is there a way to ensure that both toggle to the same setting ?
I was going to set light 2 to be the same as light 1 but if light 1 is the one that doesnt go on then neither would go on.

Would a virtual switch set to trigger the 2 lights work or is there a better way.

Note - My webcore skills are basic.


Can you use turn OFF instead of toggle?? Toggle is a litlle bit tricky.
Maybe you have a spesific need that I don’t understand?

IF keypad 2 is pushed
Lightbulb 1 and 2
Turn ON
Set level to 100

IF Keypad 2 is double
light bulb 1 and 2
Turn ON
Set level to 30

IF keypad 2 is held
Lightbulb 1 and 2
Turn OFF


Had it like that but caused confusion on the number of times it was pressed.

Webcore is great but its hard to find instructions or youtube videos on how things work like creating pistons, variables and statements etc…

Sample pistons are fine but hard to follow if you dont know the terminology.


Maybe changing the order would help

PUSHED - TURN ON level 30
HELD - Level 100 (like a dimmer)

Yes not much youtube videos about webcore but I believe the best way would be reading the EXAMPLE PISTONS sections and asking tons questions. As i did and still doing LOL.



The problem if you cant read the example pistons or know what the terms mean its hard to ask…


I hear you…
You can share what you want to accomplish in your house and people can jump in and help you write it.

I was trying to figure out a piston for my fish tank. If fish are not fed until 10.00am I wanted to get a push notification but if they were fed before 10.00 am I didn’t want to receive a warning. I had no idea back then how to start or even what to ask:)))) I just said “this is what I want and no idea what to do” someone just wrote the code for me and I started using it without having a clue of what it does.
So just try… You’ll see tons of people here really want to help…


I have made some progress.
Now both work nearly all the time.


I created a new virtual light and in smartthings I put a routine to turn on the 2 bedside lights.

Now in Webcore I changed all references to the 2 bed side lights to the virtual light and its way more reliable.

The only one I had to leave to individual lights was the “Double Press - Turns on bedside lights to 100%.”

Because the virtual switch wouldnt set the bedside lights to 100%

Hasnt impacted the performance though.