Push Notification not working after migrating from SmartThings to HE



I’m migrating from SmartThings to HE, and am not getting the Push notifications to work in my migrated Pistons. I have five lamps that turn on randomly when we’re away, and only one of the pistons is sending Push Notifications. This is a snapshot of one of the pistons that isn’t working, but the code is the same as the one that works. Any thoughts would be helpful.


Have you tried importing the piston again? I had a problem with a few and had to reimport them.
I assume you’re saying the push notification works from some pistons, so it is set up correctly?


Not sure if this is your issue, but I got hung up when I moved to HE because I hadn’t specified a notification device in Webcore settings.


Thanks. I discovered that the issue was solved in HE by clicking on “Configure” in the Device view.