PUSH Notifications


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I have a piston which sends a PUSH notification based on all switches being in the “on” state. However, the PUSH notification is only received by 1 of the 3 devices that I’m expecting it to be received on. The one it is being received on is what I’d class as the primary device - it is the one which I originally configure webCoRE related settings on.

2) What is the expected behavior?
I’m expecting to received the PUSH notification on 3 devices.

3) What is happening/not happening?
The PUSH notification is only being received on one of the devices

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Any help, ideas, thoughts are much appreciated.


A notification is basically a text message (SMS), whereas a Push sends a notification to the ST app on your phone. You used to be able to set up a contact list in ST and send notifications to those of your choice. That option was removed several months ago. Unless someone has a better solution, I would just send an SMS to each individual phone. Someone asked about this recently and was concerned about the expense of multiple text messages. See here for that brief conversation.


… and to add a tiny bit to what @Pantheon said…

Send PUSH notification should be received on all devices where the user is logged into the SmartThings app. (the ST app does not need to be open, but it must be installed and currently logged into your account to be able to receive PUSH notifications)

If you don’t want the other users to have full control of your house, then SMS notifications is the way to go.


Thanks for the response. I had seen that but all mentions of PUSH notifications say that it should land on all devices that have the app installed and are connected to the hub. This doesn’t seem to be working for me.

I’m ignoring contact lists as although I’ve read about them and the way to enable it, I was also aware that it had been deprecated.

I can do something similar to that thread though by calling out to another cloud service that will cause the message to display. Really thought the PUSH should have done it though.


Hmmm… I’m not fussed about on of the other devices having full control as those in question all live here any way. The weird thing is that the PUSH should be going to all the devices - two are logged in as me and the other is logged in as my other half and she is listed as a user in the SmartThings Classic app.

I’ll go down the route of using a cloud service to send the message out as that should actually work.


I would be tempted to log out on the other devices, and then log back in.

If that doesn’t resolve it, then perhaps the ST app is silenced from the notification bar.
(In Android, long press on the ST app, and go into App Info. Make sure “Show notification” is checked)


Thanks for the suggestions @WCmore. I’ve logged out of the app one of the devices and back in again - it didn’t help. The app is definitely allowed to show notifications as well.

I’ll have a look at using a cloud service - it may make things more flexible for future alerts anyway.


Just to close this one off…

I’ve created a piston that will use a cloud messaging service. I use Automate by Llamalabs on my Android devices which has the ability to send/receive cloud messages; so I’ve used that to workaround the problem.

Thanks for the suggestions.