Pushing virtual button triggers physical button (sort of)


I think I’ve found a bug when interacting with virtual buttons on hubitat. Given this test piston:


I’m showing the events coming from the wrong device:

Internally, does webcore receive an event and set a bunch of variables based on the event details? If so, I’m thinking that the variables aren’t getting set correctly for virtual buttons, and the values for the last physical button are being left in place. Does that make any sense?

During troubleshooting, this piston wasn’t triggering. I added the “Bedroom Sengled Controller” just for more testing, and that worked. Since then, all virtual button pushes show up as “Bedroom Sengled Controller”

The logs show “Subscribing to %s”. Is there a chance that previously subscribed devices are not being unsubscribed to?


It would be good to see full logging for the runs

Resaving a piston or pause/resume causes new subscriptions


Weird, now it seems to be working:

Something must have been stuck somewhere.