Recommended RGB and Tunable White Bulbs for ST



Looking for recommendations on the best deals and best lighting quality for RGB and Tunable White Bulbs. Obviously, the minimum requirement is SmartThings compatible bulbs (Zigbee, Z-Wave), thus posting here instead of somewhere that the WiFi people will come out in droves. I have several from GE, Phillips, Sylvania, and Sengled, but there is a wide variation in color and temperature, especially because the bulbs range in age from 0-4 years. Hoping this is not a “politics and religion” situation, but I certainly trust you folks more than the general population (or even the general community.smartthings people - I mean they are fine people, but they aren’t us). As a baseline, I like the Sylvania Lightify (by Osram) Tunable White A19 bulbs (currently $10.49 on Amazon) pretty well, but I have a fairly small sample size. I have several RGB bulbs, but I hesitate to say that I like them very much. Also, are you are seeing any ST bulbs above 60W equivalent, say > 1000 lumens?

tl;dr: Are there “good” bulbs under $25 for RGB and under $10 for tunable white?


My hilarious friend suggested I get one of these if I want more lumens.


I use LIFX. They are ST compatible. Yes they are WiFi. Not zig or ze


I only use PH hue and they are on the high end as you know. I’m some what happy ish with the,…
The reason I’m writing is, I also wanted to acknowledge how amazing people are in the Webcore forum.
I wrote to ST forum ONCE and boy oh boy some nasty people out there. It felt like war:))))


I monitor (warning it is an addictive site) and have gotten refurbished Hue RGB bulbs for approx $25. They have been working great. Hue app is very frustrating to use, but I really like the ‘living scenes’. They gradually change the colors for ‘ambiance’; its all I use the hues for. I don’t use them in my regular lights/lamps/fixtures.


WiFi! How did you get in here?! GUARDS!! :guardsman::guardsman:


@ike2018 Exactly. Thank you, sir. So… probably don’t ask this on Reddit?

@kevin Ooooo. That’s a good idea. I’m already an addict, so it’s OK. Aside: I was using camelcamelcamel for the same thing.


Interested parties… I just bought a dozen of these

It is, in fact, a 4-pack and at the time they were listed for $23.95 new. Not quite true as they came packed in plain brown boxes with 2 per box (times 2).

After a quick automatic firmware update, they seem to work well! Not bad for $6/bulb.


oh boy, I paid $50 for each of my Ph hues…


I usually wait for a day like black friday. You can catch the Hue bulbs on a pretty decent discount (still pricey). I have them in all my recessed lighting, but i rarely change the color. They come in handy when you do want a different shade of white.