Removing invalid instances of webCoRE from dashboard


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Not actually a piston problem but I noticed that I have two expired instances of webCoRE on my dashboard. How do I remove them?

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Only have current versions.

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Last two in my list are invalid:

When I try to select either, I get this message:

Anyone know how I can delete these since I can’t even get into them? I believe they were created when I was having ST hub issues and I temporarily set up a new one. I deleted webCoRE from that location but they didn’t seem to go away.


In the ST Classic app in Automation, how many instances of webcore appear there?


Just two for each location (Las Vegas & Torrance). I renamed the valid one in the app to add the ‘0’ so I could tell them apart.


I would first try a hard refresh (Ctry-F5) from your Dashboard.


Still won’t go away. I believe these are associated with instances of webCoRE that I deleted from the app so they are no longer valid but I have no way to select them in the dashboard to log out. I guess I am stuck with them forever.


I also have this problem and really hope someone has a solution to it. In my case, the old one is a hub I had to replace because it went bad.


logging out of all the instances and then re-connecting did it for me. You just need to log out of everything and then go back into Smartthings app to register instances again for each webcore module you have installed.


Ha! Too simple!! I tried that and it appears good, I now have only the one active hub in my dashboard. (I have a second hub I haven’t configured yet to add in later.)



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