Renault Zoe API polling


Thanks to James Muscat for developing the PYZE code, which ive used to base this Piston on.

Create 2 global variables with your MyRenault username and password.
Create 3 global variables to store the Car battery, charge and plug status.
adjust how often you want it to poll.- its polling the Renault-Nissan Kamereon servers - not your car so not sure if this impacts the carputer battery usage.


Used the code to import into webcore, but for some reason all the https locations were blank ?!!!

Also at line 140 it has Unknown Device, what is meant to be added here please?

I’ve added my username and password, do I also have to add my vin at line 19 too?


before i try to diagnose that … try importing this updated piston…

you should only need to enter the MyRenault username and password, all other details should be extracted from each successive request.

the device at line 140 was just a generic battery device i added to my ST, so i could save the car battery status to it and it shows as a battery type device in Actiontiles. - you can remove that if you dont need it


Getting this when I import. Any Suggestions?


ah ok, seems the anonymized snapshot has removed way too much.

ive checked through the normal snapshot, and it looks fine to share, no personal data in it. try this one instead.

you dont need the device at the end, for it to do the polling it.


Nobody is able to import a RED snapshot code.
(plus it exposes private information to nefarious people)

I removed the harmful (yet useless) import code above.

Feel free to edit and repost the green snapshot import code.

Note: If you feel safe sharing the body of the red import, that is up to you, but please only share GREEN import codes online.


When we import someone else’s pistons, the URLs are always anonymized.

If the URL is safe to share, the OP can put the URL up in the “define” section, and it will NOT be anonymized.