Repeat loop help, 15 min on, 45 off!


1) Give a description of the problem
Trying to run every hour for 15 minutes my aroma diffuser between 12:00 til 16:00 hour and 23:00 til 01:00

2) What is the expected behaviour?
Send at every selected hours a turn on command to IFTTT, wait 15 minutes and then Send a turn off command!

3) What is happening/not happening?
It turns on for 15 min, then turn off for 15 min, then stays on …

**4) Post a Green Snapshot of the piston!


I would probably drop the REPEAT and ONLY WHEN, and do something like this:


(Not seen in the image, but TCP is set to Never)

Side note:

Depending on what time you save this piston, there is a possibility it may turn on as late as 3:59p, meaning the turn off wouldn’t occur until 4:14p. (you can bypass this from ever happening by never saving the piston in the final 15 min of any hour… The 60min timer starts at that moment)


Thank you for your reply, i gonna use your piston to check if it gonna run correctly! I didn’t know that the time the ( :slight_smile:) piston is saved could influence on the piston execution itself…


Only on EVERY X triggers… IE

Every 600 seconds … or
Every 12 minutes… or
Every 4 hours etc…

That initial timer begins at the moment the piston is saved.
(and begins again when each execution completes)


I think my problem isn’t my piston, but my aroma diffuser, it’s an IR controlled by AliExpress…
It has only 1 buttom to switch on/off, and as i could see, sometimes i need to press twice the on/off to turn on or off, and you can imagine why it’s not running as it should… now i need to buy a power outlet with power drain function to see if it turned on/off, and send the command again if necessary!

(Right now with your piston, it was 15 min off 45 min on, so it’s a IR problem)


Ahh yes… “Toggle” devices are easy to get out of sync…