Restore a Backup


I have executed a “Backup Pistons” option from my I created a locally hosted webcore dashboard server and added it to Hubitat. Both the cloud and my local are running Where is the “restore pistons” option? I have about 60 pistons and the backup worked fine.


In the webcore IDE,

  • New Piston
    then ‘Import a piston from a backup file’


Thank you. Not very intuitive, However I imported all 59 of my pistons. The REALLY painful part was having to manually recreate all 100+ of my global variables. OUCH!


Yes, that is tedious.

I’ve also rewritten my pistons so that each device is a variable. Although tedious at first, it makes it easier and quicker to see which, if any, devices have disappeared.


I was thinking about using global variables for all devices, to aid a potential move from ST to HE. IS this possible and a good idea? Are there any issues? I do use an array of devices in a few pistons and i’m not sure if you could do that the same with the global vars


So, one of my major frustrations in my migration was that the backup did not move or account for any of my 50 some odd global variables. I had to recreate all my global variables and their values by hand. In the end, this worked fine but introduced unnecessary pain. My global variables are the glue for my smart home tracking states and information between pistons and from external integrations.



Can you give some examples of what you want to do with your pistons?

Global issues are ok to use, but they do have limitations. For example, in any piston that writes to a GV, that won’t be done until the piston is done running. That means that once a piston starts, it will only read the GV’s data that existed at the beginning - no changes will be seen while the piston continues. That also means that if Piston #2 is to read the GV, Piston #1 has to finish first. I know this seems pretty evident, but you’d be surprised depending on what you’re using the GV for.


Yeah, I had to replace mine because my old WC instance was getting buggy. I ended up moving them over one at a time. I don’t know if you were able to access your old instance, but you could always copy/paste or screenshot them from within any of the pistons.