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Ok, finally mucking around with the Rooms Manager and getting my toes wet with my basement lights

My basement consists of 6 Cree Bulbs - 2 on the stairs (top/bottom) and 4 in the actual basement. There are three motion detectors in each of the areas of the basement (exercise, oil tank, storage). There is a contact sensor on the door to the stairs

What I am looking to do is

On Basement Door Open, change to Occupied. If after X minutes any of the motion sensors are active then move to Engaged. If Engaged and no motion is detected for Y minutes move “checking” dim the lights 20% … if no use of the room is detected switch to vacant - if motion is detected keep engaged

This will allow someone on the treadmill for example which will not trip the motion detector easily (walking in place) to see the lights dim and remind them to wave at the motion detector or similar.

So - am I grocking the app right? Would a piston be a better solution here?

Before I start making things complex with other rooms, adjacentcy etc I want to see if I am on the right track and making sense :slight_smile:


most of this is standard in the app so this should work. the only thing i want to check is using a contact sensor to set room to occupied. however if you set the contact sensor as the engaged sensor it should set the room to checking state turning on the lights in a dim mode and then to full bright once the first motion is detected and room changes to engaged.

message me if you want to run through more details on the setup and individual rules.


EDIT: btw, update to latest from repo before setting this up. :slight_smile:



I am thinking in the short term I can cheat - use a piston that on dooropen the stairs lights turn on, then when you close the door behind you the rest of the lights will also be turned on by changing to ‘engaged’

I’ll give it a go when I get home tonight - the only worry I have is that I will be sending an “on” command to the stairs when the door is opened to exit the basement - but as there are no motion sensors in the stairwell, the Checking routine should kick in and move to Vacant as there is no motion for X seconds (If I am groking everything right)


don’t need to cheat. when door is opened room will move to checking state and I have put in a new dim to level which you should set so lights get turned on at that level with checking state :slight_smile:

closing the door will not automatically turn on engaged state but sensing the first motion will change it to engaged.



Just wanted to publicly say this to @bangali for having to deal with me this morning and helping me to get through the first room setup :beers: :beer: :beers: :beer: :beers:




Are ya trying to tempt this irish lad?

It worked :slight_smile:

Yeah - i’m easy


a while back @tonesto7 had kindly invited me to participate in his community smartapp installer beta. took me a while to wrap up some ongoing work and put the manifest together so rooms manager/rooms occupancy could be included in this really cool installer.

simplifies smartapp install enormously … no more mucking around in the IDE. check it out here:

thanks much to @tonesto7 for the invite and honored to be included in the beta alongside some of the communitys most popular smartapps.


Ok, now that I am getting the ideas of the SmartApp I wanted to create something that would work in our master bathroom…

I have it working just fine as a general rule, but wanted to create a specific set of rules for nighttime so if we need to get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night we are not blinded when we open the bathroom door :slight_smile:

I had wanted to create a rule for 1045pm - 430am that was for Sunday evening through Friday morning but the day of week filter wont allow the selection of multiple days - yes it has a M-F option which is pretty much what I used. I guess I can create a copy of this rule and tie it to Sundays and a time filter of 2245 - 2359

Is there a reason that the day of week selector is radio buttons rather than multi select boxes? Just curious




have you checked the bottom of the asleep settings page?

when implementing a feature i usually go for the baseline version. from there enhance it as users ask for it. :wink:


Going to have to mess with it and see how I can use it - If I am grocking it I could create a ‘virtual sleep sensor’ based on time… I dont mind using webCore presence as a sleep sensor and manually doing it but the better half could pose a problem :wink:

Makes sense and with the Asleep function my usecase is probably nullified … now I have a weekend project LOL


check the other settings there as well … might be able to give her a button to push to set the room to asleep or use a smart plug for when the phone is plugged in to set room to asleep. :slight_smile:



when @pmusselman asked me if i would port rooms manager/occupancy over to hubitat i had to check out hubitat a bit.

after checking out hubitat i liked what i see specially as you all may have already noticed i prefer local processing over cloud processing for event handling. then chatted with @Bdobrescu bit over on the hubitat forum with the net result that my hubitat hub is now ordered and hopefully on its way real soon.

guess what that means? :slight_smile:

rooms manager/occupancy will be also supporting hubitat. dont have a timeline for right now but will post over on the hubitat forum if any of you end up on the same path.

note i have no intention of deprecating ST support. so if you are here rest assured i will continue to support ST same as i have done.




I’ve been looking at Hubitat … thinking I may run it in parallel, the major issue I have is all my switches are Lutron Caseta - not Caseta Pro and only the Pro is supported ATM

All local DOES look interesting if they can build out support for more bits


I’m trying to make it so that we dont have to think about it … that said currently we are not using ‘good night’ routines … could look at that route too …

ultimately, trying to create it to be pretty idiot proof … not for her being the idiot … .that’s entirely on me :man_facepalming:


i hear you :slight_smile:

how about the phone plugged in in bedroom = set room to asleep?


could you please update from repo and give this a try?



Unfortunately not. when I say lock stuff it says don’t know how to help,with that. However I can say turn stuff on/off and it changes to occupied/vacant.

I also have Alexa. I can say turn on stuff and get same results as google. However when I say this Alexa responds “smartthings isn’t responding” but does turn stuff on off.

If I say Alexa lock stuff it says “ stuff doesn’t support that “
While google responds “ I don’t understand”. Either way no change to lock status


thanks for trying. i added the lock capability but the lock only capability instead of the normal lock capability.

let me dig around a bit.

EDIT: to be double sure you updated the DTH - yes?


also checking this thread seems like locking may not be directly supported by home or alexa?