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ok so add an option in rooms manager to speak the welcome home greeting either with contact closing or motion active? guessing left home announcement already works ok for you because its triggered by a time delay after presence sensor leaves?


Yep. Took a bit but really enjoying the complexity I can do with room manager.


code is in. will be available in the next release.

thanks for the idea.


updated top post with new detailed documentation and wiki link for additional documentation.

sorry forgot to update here when i updated on the ST forum.


from the other forum … dashboard for one of my rooms on the other hub :slight_smile:


please update and give it a try with motion sensor instead of contact sensor for welcome home greeting.


will do, need someone to leave and come back. will give update


3 hrs and no ones left and come back yet? throw them out in the cold :wink: /jk


it hasn’t worked, but I think it might have to do more with the “speakers” I use. I use chromecast DTH that allows me to play notification to my google minis around the house through webcore. Might not be compatible with your DTH.


super cool, how?


well if ST can play to the speaker the app will be able to play as well. where can i find this chromecast DTH you are using for this?



UPDATE: updated to github with the following changes:

*  Version: 0.27.5
*   DONE:   5/2/2018
*   1) significant updates to documentation. latest on github:
*   2) turned down the delay between commands on hubitat
*   3) rooms can now be renamed which will also rename the device for the room.
*   4) updated text on input settings.
*   5) added button for occupied settings.
*   6) all buttons now flip between state for that button and if in that state already to checking state.
*   7) added push button support for hubitat dashboard.
*   8) swatted a bug here and a bug there.


UPDATE: updated to github with the following changes:

note the breaking change below before updating

*  Version: 0.30.0
*   DONE:   5/5/2018
*   1) more doc update. latest on github:
*   2) added section at bottom of docs for non-obvious rules, will add more here.
*   3) added support for vents to be controlled with theromstat and room temperature.
*   4) optimized code a bit so can run switches on / off checker every 1 minute on hubitat and keep runtime under 1 second.
*   5) updated text on input settings for rooms manager. some of this is a BREAKING CHANGE and you will need to specify names and colors again.
*   6) updated settings page for rooms manager to be a bit more organized.
*   7) added color notification for battery devices specified in individual rooms settings.


need a better way to handle exhaust fans in bathrooms … humidity alone is not enough … you know why :wink:

anyone have an idea on delayed off for an exhaust fan … kind of what logic might work?



this looks pretty decent :slight_smile:

thank you to everyone that contributes by using this app, giving your feedback, asking for new features or contributing code. that is much appreciated.

also thank you to everyone that has donated to support development of the app. very much appreciated. since its hard to tell which forum you live on … i just go across and thank you on all three forums. thank you. :slight_smile:


UPDATE: updated to github with the following changes:

*  Version: 0.35.0
*   DONE:   5/11/2018
*   1) added option for buttons to set a state but not toggle from that state.
*   2) added option to set locked state with power value.
*   3) added option for contact sensors to not trigger engaged for use with landing or hallway areas.
*   4) added option to use only selective room motion sensors for motion during asleep mode for night lights.
*   5) changed options for when to turn on night lights.
*   6) added option to only run `execution` rules when state changes. this means once the state changes and the lights have been set, if you change the light settings those will not be reset till the room changes away from the current state.
*   7) added timer display to rooms occupancy device for asleep state.
*   8) organized settings in rooms manager.
*   9) updated docs.
*   10) couple of bug fixes.


Room Occupancy DTH is not showing on ST Github REPO only room manager and child.


its there under devicetypes:

install it from the My Device Handlers link on ST IDE.


General lighting question for a room:

Not sure if I am just missing it, but is there a way to set a rule to turn on a light when room is occupied at 15% and dim to 100% over x amount of time?