Rooms Manager: Smarter Rooms: Personalized home automation with Occupancy



Hey all,

I am just getting back to SmartThings and I was a frequent user of this amazing app before. My only question, and please forgive me if this has been asked and answer already, is there a way to see the GUI settings for the created rooms in the new app like you could in classic? Or is that functionality going to just be gone?


That will require @bangali to create Custom Capabilities, then Custom Presentations for those Capabilities, and finally a Device Profile that encapsulates each of those to boil it down into a custom VID that he can add to the existing DTH. (If you think that sounds like a tall order, it is)

The functionality required to make that work is in beta right now, and a lot of devs are looking into it including some of the heavy hitters like RBoy, Tonesto and others. But it’s very… let’s just say - beta…

As soon as it stabilizes I’m sure a lot of folks will be looking at the functionality.

That said, what I’ve been looking at doesn’t allow the display to be as ‘information dense’ as the current classic rooms manager device - I’m sure there will have to be some tradeoffs in the information display. I, for one would be good with some basic status readouts and a button panel to set the room occupancy state.

If you don’t need the manual control though - it works just fine as is.


Sorry for the delayed response… I just saw this.

Perhaps this is the post you were referring to?