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Quick Question!

Best way to trigger lights to fade for a room, I.E. turn on at 20% and go to 100% over a period of time, is still through the use of rule that triggers a webcore piston or is there a setting in Rooms Manager?

Seems like I am having trouble triggering occupancy with the one room where it is calling a Webcore piston during a set time.

EDIT: I am able to trigger engaged status; however, it appears occupied will not trigger. Cannot get occupied based on motion or by going into ST and selecting occupied from the app.


i dont like doing fades from the app because ST can be flaky when you run stuff as frequently as a fade would require. best is if the device itself supports fading at the hardware level alternately use a webcore piston.

expand on this a bit please … whats going on? also any error in the logs when you are trying this and it doesnt work?


Understood, that makes sense for the fade option. The webcore piston does appear to be working, I am just always trying to streamline things.

I took a look at the logs and was able to find the following error associated with attempting to manually turn the room to occupied.

I changed that rule to no longer use the Auto Level ‘AL’ Settings and just made the rule set the lights to 100%. May be my settings causing an issue, not sure. The room now goes to occupied on motion and when manually selected so it was definitely some issue with the Auto Level setting.


on the error please share a screenshot of the view all settings of that room after turning on both toggles on the view all settings screen.


Sorry for the delay! Getting ready for the new year.

I went back into the logs for the room after changing the settings to turn off Auto Level Settings for the lighting rules and I am not seeing any errors in the logs anymore. Additionally, the room will change to occupied through motion sensor and through the button in ST.


I would love to see some of people’s setup, I feel like I squandering the potential of this app. You should add a share feature :slight_smile:


updated to github with the following changes:

Version: 0.99.4

DONE:   1/05/2018

1) added support for multiple power meters
2) added command optimization at the app level
3) added setting room occupancy device on / off so it can be used in the rules
4) other small fixes


update to github with the following changes … remember to update DTH and all apps because version check will fail otherwise. no subscriptions have changed so dont need to save settings.

Version: 0.99.5

DONE:   1/17/2019

1) exposed command optimization setting in general settings
2) check switches on is now any on instead of all on
3) room vacant check bug fix