Run a Google Home routine from WebCoRE?


Hi. I’m thinking of setting Google Home to play music when I arrive home. I have a routine that does that whenever I say “Hey Google, I’m home”. I don’t use routines too often but I like that they can run any action you can say to Google Home, you can just add a phrase and it will be part of the routine.

I’d like to find a way for WebCoRE to trigger that routine. Any ideas?



Hi Rodrigo, I’m Pablo, have you done it? If it’s so, could you pass it on me?
I’m looking for a way to give orders to “google home” like you do speaking “Hey google…” using Webcore.


Hi Pablo. I didn’t find any way to even try to do this, I don’t think it’s possible :frowning:


I’ve found the only this way is possible is to have two google home devices next to each other. One device plays a rerecorded “ok google _____” of your voice and the other device executes the command. Looking into Autocast + Tasker for andoid. I am trying to get Samsung Smartthings Button to Active Goodbye/I’m home routine single and double click.


I don’t know if this is exactly what you are asking for…but

Then, Google can be instructed to flip that switch based on your phrase.

Back in webCoRE, you can make a piston:

IF SimSwitch changes to on
    Then do cool stuff