Run echo speaks server locally? (aka, not using Heroku?)


Partly because i’m just curious if it is possible. But also, I want to actually set it up to run locally.

Eliminating Heroku as a dependency seems like it would be nice. I have plenty of things running on my home local network, so it seems like it would be nice to also host that locally.

I tried running the node app on my computer. It starts up fine, and runs, but I kept running into errors when trying to authenticate with amazon. It seems like it’s probably just a configuration issue.

I don’t to spend a ton of time trying to figure it out if it’s not designed to run outside of Heroku (I see a bunch of code detecting whether it’s running on Heroku or not, so it does appear possible, but maybe that’s just a testing mode).

I’ll keep playing around with it, I just figured I would ask.


you may want to post in the Echo Speaks thread on the ST forum. That way the developer will see your question and may be able to answer your questions. :slight_smile: