Samsung Button - Pressed Twice Function Support



I was unable to find a solution that supports the third function of the Samsung Button. Press and Held are supported in WebCoRE but not Pressed Twice.
This piston is an alternate approach to one that I found which suggested using the choice of Expression instead of Value and then entering “Double”. Others reported that this approach worked for them. It did not for me. The problem that I encountered occurred when I selected Expression. A warning red triangle appeared, and no entry could be made into that Expression.


Here’s a green snapshot of a simple piston I have that covers press, double press, and hold. You have to evaluate the expression (gets “double”).

I use this a lot for testing pistons so I can fire them with a simple button press.


Thanks for that. How do I “evaluate” the expression.


That was your original post - using expression instead of value, and “double” - notice the lower case - for the evaluation criteria. You said it worked for some, but not you. I was hoping you’d just import my working piston as a starting point.

But here’s how to check for “double”:


I did import your piston, however, I was trying to learn why it didn’t work for me. I now know that typing “double” below the grey selection bar gets it done. Sorry to be a neophyte.

Thanks again for your help.


Glad you got it! I love those nice, cheap buttons!