Samsung Smart TV unavailable in webCoRE


I have a Samsung 8 Series smart TV that I have added to SmartThings and works just fine from the ST app and even Google Assistant can see it, but it is unavailable as a device to add to webCore. Anyone experience this and know how to fix it?


Did you look in settings > available devices > available devices > select devices by capability > capability group 1-3?


Yes. As stated, it is not available to add. It is not listed at all among my devices.


Not sure why this was moved to the NON-WEBCORE forum. Although it is not specifically about designing a piston, it is very much webCoRE related, and I did not see another more relevant forum.


WebCoRE authorises devices based on lists of devices that support certain categories. It starts with the Actuator and Sensor tagging capabilities which, although deprecated, are commonly used in Groovy DTHs, and then tries all the capabilities it has been explicitly configured with.

I would imagine that the TV integration is not a Groovy DTH, and so doesn’t support Actuator or Sensor, and it probably supports the ‘Samsung TV’ capability which isn’t one webCoRE knows about.


I agree with both of the above comments…

(although with new users, it is usually found in one of the unexpected categories, as @jkp mentioned)

Each list shows different devices, and sometimes, the name may not be what you’d expect.