Samsung Smartthings Cam


I just purchased the Samsung Smartthings camera and I’m trying to set up a tile on my webcore dashboard to show the live feed so I can access it via any web browser.

I’ve tried searching the forums and Google but the Smartthings Cam is terrible for SEO so I haven’t been able to find the solution for this.

I’ve seen sample pistons that use a URL to point to their cam but that doesn’t seem applicable to my case because the SmartThings Camera is a Wifi cam designed to stream to the SmartThings App.

I’m completely new to all of this. Sorry if it’s been posted here before, I couldn’t find out how to do it.


i’m not sure how that can be done, but i wanted to recommend Blue Iris…


Just checking - bought one of these on a whim and it seems like my options for using it in webcore are kinda limited. Did you have any luck?