Second location?


Hi everyone,
We’ll be renting the current house we live in. I don’t intend to leave a St home behind. (Vacation rental, constant traffic)
But I will be creating a very simple setup behind.

  • Water leak sensors (warning system)
  • Smart wall switches dumb bulbs (if the lights left ON over 3-4 hours, turn off)

that’s it.

Now my question is,
Let’s say one of the switches broke and needs to replaced. I have an electrician and extra smart switches so that’s no biggy but will I be able to add that NEW device into the system while I’m 2500 miles away, in my phone???
If no,
is there a way of doing this?

Thank you all.


Once you get the device paired, you should be all set. Getting it paired may be an issue. The GE switches I use require you flip the switch once hub is in paring mode. If you can be on phone with electrician when switch is swapped it shouldn’t be an issue. Assuming nothing goes wrong.


Glad to gear that.
Thank you.